The Committee

The people who run Higham Town F.C.

Below is a list of individuals whom without their time and dedication to the club it would not be possible to exist. It can sometimes be easy to lose sight of how much time is put in behind the scenes by those involved within the club, not just the committee but also coaches of whom all give their time on a voluntary basis.

We are always looking at ways to strengthen our club and bring in new talents. If you feel you have skills that could be of benefit to Higham F.C., then please contact our club secretary about how you can become part of this fantastic and devoted team.

Vice President


Colin Watts

07960 491820

Vice Chairman

James Sharp

07428 707605

Club Secretary

Carole Watts

07950 542538


Tania Clarke

07785 616858

Club Welfare

Shelley Owen

07825 950898

Results Secretary

Emma Sharp

07456 012277

Youth Development Officer / Player Recruitment

Youth Development Officer

General Member

Kris Plosky

07931 345411